Between Love & Goodbye

by The Inertia Case

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Artist: Between Love & Goodbye
Song: The Feeling Is Right Tonight
Album: Running Out of Forever

Release date: Feb 28, 1998


"Between Love & Goodbye"
Words and Music by Hoyt Emerick, Carly Emerick & Elton Lin

Verse 1:
When you weren't around I was okay
I use to have time for my friends all day
When you weren't around I was alright
I need sometime alone tonight

So what will you do
If I leave you here alone
And how will you feel
If I won't be coming home
Cause I got myself to save
So I might be gone If you call on me tonight

Between love and goodbye
I won't be leaving in the middle this time
Between love and goodbye
I've got a heart of gold you will never find

Verse 2:
When you weren't around I was myself
I never had to think of anyone else
When you weren't around I always need
Just where my life was going to

Lead-In 2:
So I can't create what we haven't seen
But I can escape leaving in a dream
And my fear is at its height
So i might fall far like the stars in the heavens tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

The thought of losing you tonight
Makes me wanna stay and fight
But I can't touch what you believe
Should I leave?

(Repeat Chorus)


released February 28, 1998



all rights reserved


The Inertia Case New York, New York

The Inertia Case are an American synthpop band, formed in New York City in 1997.

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